Re-string - $15 + Strings
    - Includes nut lubrication, bridge lubrication, and tuning. We use D'Addario strings on electric guitars and basses. You can also supply your favorite strings if you prefer.
Set Up - $75* + Strings
*Floating Trem and Floyd Rose - $100
    - Includes truss rod adjustment, bridge clean and lubrication, intonation adjustments, action adjustment, tuning peg lubrication, inspection of electronics, tightening of all hardware,
fret board cleaning, and body cleaning.  We use D'Addario strings on electric guitars and basses. You     can also supply your favorite strings if you prefer. 

Replace Tuners - $50 + Parts
    - Includes removal of old tuners and installation and lubrication of new tuners. Add a "Set Up" for a discounted price of $50. 

Hardware Repair/Replacement - $35 and up + Parts (if ordered)
    - Stripped/missing screws, broken/missing knobs, factory nut replacement, broken/missing pickup frames, etc.

Electronic Issues - Diagnostic Fee $35* (applied to repair if service is performed)
*Archtop guitars may require an additional fee of $25 for removal of wiring harness 
    Pot Replacement - $25 per pot + Parts
    Jack Replacement - $25 + Part
    Pickup Replacement - $50 for first pickup, $25 for each additional 
    Switch Replacement - $35 + Part

Any services not listed here can be discussed. Give us a call at 410-386-0011 or email us

We do not offer services (beyond those listed above) for acoustic guitars but gladly recommend The String Doc in Lititz, PA for all of your woodworking needs.  

All electric guitar and bass repairs will be made by Matt Peregoy. He is currently certified by Fender at the Bronze level, Peavey, Godin, (other brands pending) and he has over 15 years playing and repairing electric guitars and basses as an independent technician.

Electric Guitar and Bass Repair Pricing